Today it’s a cold morning and to my surprise, while unpacking after a trip, I found 5 unopened stocking bags ☺, which I’d better use ASAP before this mild winter is absolutely KO. I’m not a good skirt user, so definitely decided to go with shorts…. To work… Why Not?

I went for the black plaid pair of stockings with a not too short, not too long heavy shorts and a simple ivory/beige shirt. Obviously, my favorite pair of shoes couldn’t not be in this look.

What do you think? Would you dare to wear shorts to work?


Gapsi Pizzoleo

Tana de pasaporte, Argentina de nacimiento, New Yorker según los estándares de Carrie y Chilena de domicilio. Marketinera de moda, style designer de ojo afilado y creadora de Misslittletouch; decodificador de tendencias en modas usables y accesibles. Un endulzante visual diario de pequeñeces, con suerte, inspiradoras de grandes lindas cosas.

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