Why Not Turn Everyday into the Gameshow?

Hi Leandra,

I will be concise, straight to the point. Will try at least.

You know, I have this section in my blog called “blogs I love”. I normally list the blogs I read after I interview the actual bloggers, let’s say ‘writers,’ since blogger is a dirty word these days. So, I kind of finished interviewing the normal people, and now it’s time for the real deal: blogs from another galaxy starting by you.

Hi! I’m Gapsi, you may get this a lot, but yes, I’m one of your FANS, and I put the last in caps because I would be the club’s president if there were a real fans club. Mm, will google that.

So, behind this nonsense, there’s actually a lot of sense in the reason why I truly admire and follow you, rather than being kind of the fashion’s Chelsea Lately. Let me list…

  1.  I’ve recently moved to Chile. I lived for a long long while in New York and I truly miss that “je ne sais quoi”, like you like to call it, that the city provides. You give me a daily shot of that. Thanks! Not missing the 100 layers at all though.
  2. You truly really live up to your religion, ManRepelling. You underpin the concept to every inch of your work, and I admire that.
  3. The nonsense of your outfits all of the sudden make all the sense in the world –taking into consideration the current trends of non-trend at all.
  4. Finally, I just love your pictures. Don’t appreciate fashion blogs with sexy ”writers”. This doesn’t help real people with a taste for fashion.

So, here are some of the reasons why I read and whoever is reading this should also be reading ‘The Man Repeller’.


P.s 1: As a real and devoted fan, I read your book. I actually finished it, so you know how to contact me. You owe me a drink 😉

P.S 2: Honestly? You only put something in your closet if you can put something out?!?!

Gapsi Pizzoleo

Tana de pasaporte, Argentina de nacimiento, New Yorker según los estándares de Carrie y Chilena de domicilio. Marketinera de moda, style designer de ojo afilado y creadora de Misslittletouch; decodificador de tendencias en modas usables y accesibles. Un endulzante visual diario de pequeñeces, con suerte, inspiradoras de grandes lindas cosas.

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